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Our partnership with hundreds of high-ranking universities in the UK, US, Canada, and Australia, opens up opportunities for you to bag globally recognized degrees and qualifications.

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We understand that the aspirations, needs, and circumstances of our scholars may be different, hence, our team provides totally unique and highly-tailored support and experience to every student.

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Our excellent processes have over time resulted in an excellent visa approval rate.

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Our counselors walk the steps with you from the begining until you are fully settled in school.

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Experienced and well-vetted counselors certiefied to deliver success by the British Council.

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Zero service charge for admissions processing for all schools in our portfolio.

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The rigour and processes involved in applying to study abroad may be daunting, but the years of experience ganered by our experts and professional counselors, and our strong partnerships and relationships with some of the top universities globally is guanranteed to make your journey smooth and easy. Our services also give you access to exclusive partner deals, tuition, housing, and travel discounts, schorlarships, and expedited review processes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Several countries are less expensive than the UK, Canada, US, and Australia, but easy is relative. Other options include: Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, etc.

We currently do not process fully funded scholarships for masters.

For most countries in Europe, you should have a budget of 4-11 million Naira or equivalent. Cost for the UK, Canada, the US, and Australia vary greately; kindly contact us for these destinations.

Turn around time for admission offers vary by school, but you should expect to receive one in 2-4 weeks.

For the UK, no dependant is allowed, but for other countries, your dependents can join you after you must have settled.

The turn around time for Visa issuance varies by country; while the UK tends to be one of the fastest, most countries take an average of 4 - 6 weeks.

Absolutely, there are job opportunities with adequate research and positioning. Earnings for students differ from one country to another, and for most countries, you can work for an average of 20 hours per week while studying.

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Peter Ogundele

Principal Advisor

According to Malcolm X, Education is your passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.
An international degree opens up doors of golden opportunites which will be all yours for the taking, and at EOT William, we take pride on the realized multiples on return on investment for our clients, evident through increased earnings, career advancement, strong personal network, and a great quality of life.
We can't wait to help you realize these positive outcomes too.
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Peter Ogundele - Principal Advisor at EOTWilliam