Rida bitters

Find out just why it’s called “the INCREDIBLE Rida Herbal Bitters”, and enjoy crash free energy.


men & Women

 it contains key vitamins, antioxidants and botanicals

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Rida herbal bitters is fast acting. This is a clinically proven fact. It is quite quick in action.

Rida cleanser helps in the detoxification and cleansing of your body system

Suitable for both men and women, Rida fire & Rida restore improves libido greatly.

Looking to get rid of that excess weight? Rida fat burner is the perfect choice for you.

Rida Balm is suitable for quick pain relief. It also helps in nasal decongestion and calms nerves.

Say no to spending lots of money trying to loose excess fat, Buy Rida fat burner and watch the magic happen.

Rida Bitters

RIDA HERBAL BITTERS is a perfect mix of carefully researched & selected Herb and Root Extracts to help you live healthy daily. We have made it about MORE to ensure it is a winner in the market.
More Volume : With 250mls & 500mls we have ensured everyone gets more value for their money.
More Effective : We have added in more herbs to ensure RIDA can take care of a wider range of ailments.
More Safety : We have set up our factory using ISO standards to ensure every drop of RIDA in your mouth is SAFE! 
RIDA is a Bitters you can trust.
More Inviting : RIDA has a welcoming bitter taste that makes it easy to use with QUICK ACTION!
RIDA has several amazing antibacterial, 
antisickling and antimalarial properties. 
This ensures it can be useful for General Wellbeing, Detoxification, Weight Loss, Menstrual Pain & Anomalies, Malaria and Typhoid, Pile all the way to High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cancer, Erectile Dysfunction, Arthritis and much more.

Rida Herbal Bitters
Boost your Health

Some actions of Rida Herbal Bitters include: helping with yeast balance, quick pain relief, quick nasal decongestion, helps protect cells from oxidative stress to promote sperm quality and lots more..

Frequently asked questions

YES!!! Rida herbal bitters is a NAFDAC certified and a clinically tested product so it can be used by people of different ages and sizes.

The products are not expensive. See their prices below

Rida Balm – ₦250
Rida bitters – ₦2500, ₦4000
Rida capsule – ₦8,000
Rida Fat burner – ₦5,000
Rida Fire – ₦5,000
Rida Cleanser – ₦5,000
Rida Restore – ₦15,000

Yes our products(Rida balm, Rida Fire, Rida Restore, Rida Cleanser and Rida Fat Burner) are clinically proven and NAFDAC certified and as such, they can be used by anyone.

Yes, you can call us or fill the form below to place an order any you product will be delivered to your doorstep where payment would be made.

Rida herbal bitters helps in managing & curing a lot of ailments including but not limited to Menstrual Pain,  Malaria, Typhoid, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and a whole lot more

clients testimony

RIDA na baba ooo When ever my daughter is in her period, it's usually a time of intense pain for her, but today as I came back from work, she jumped out and said guess what ' I am in my period I looked at her and said so, she screamed Rida is working no pain, no vomiting, that she didn't even know until she went to toilet. RIDA ROCks
Baba Amina
MY BACK PAIN IS GONE! Wonder drug RIDA has dealt my back pain a deadly blow. Started taking for a few days and noticed that my chronic back pain is gone! It is doing justice to the pain on my knee joints. RIDA is a great health companion!
Business Manager
Since l have been taking Rida it takes care of my health issues like my BP now my doctor has reduced my BP drugs and it is also helping me with my glaucoma (the doctor said the pressure of my eyes is higher than that of some people’s own and those people can no longer see.... Rida is also helping to relieve the pains I’ve been having all over my body!
Abosede A. Lagos
Hair Dresser
Hallelujah my high blood pressure has dropped drastically! It is incredible. I went to the hospital for check up on Friday and the Doctor was shocked at the progress i made. RIDA ROCKS!
Eugenia Irobiegbulam


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